Sin and Duck Dynasty

This week Phil Robertson has made news for making comments about sin.

For the record. I think he was correct in what he said, and Christians should be allowed to express their opinions. That does not mean they can force their beliefs on others, but they can share them.
The thing is, no one is perfect. There are no perfect Christians and there are no perfect non-Christians. When Christians sin, they have a responsibility to confess their error to the Lord. Then they are to turn from it and with the Lord’s help, keep from doing it anymore.
Here are some things Christians consider to be sinful:
  1. Lying
  2. Stealing
  3. Cheating
  4. Murder
  5. Rape
  6. Taking Revenge
  7. Gluttony (over-eating)
  8. Adultery
  9. Getting Drunk
  10. Homosexuality
  11. Using Pornography
  12. Racism
  13. Exploiting the Poor

These are all things that are explicitly mentioned in the Bible. Christians believe that God is the author of that text and therefore it is an absolute standard of truth for Christians to follow.

Some of the things in the list above are considered wrong by most people such as lying and committing murder, but some things are not. People who do not follow the Christian faith do not necessarily see some practices as wrong–such as practicing homosexuality or using pornography.

As a Christian I cannot expect people who do not share my value system to live according to my values, but I do have a responsibility to live according to those values because that is what my faith demands.

I believe that I should have the right to express my beliefs just as those with different beliefs have the right to express their beliefs to me. When people do express their beliefs, I listen, try to understand where they are coming from, and then re-evaluate my own to make sure that what I profess is actually true. I am to be a lover of the truth and sometimes my beliefs get out of alignment with what is true and then I need correction.

I believe that God’s laws are put in place as standards by which to live for our own benefit. God does not dictate commands so as to control us, but so that we can live a joy filled life full of peace and simplicity.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Scott Shiffer