Christian Life Hack #4: Answering Challenges about Reality Stars

It is true that some reality stars have given Christianity a bad name. Many reality stars claiming to be Christians may in fact actually be Christians, but their lives on camera always show that they are far from perfect.

So how should we respond when someone tells us they don’t like Christianity because of how Christians act (especially those on Television)?

Simple: We tell them that Christians are not perfect and that we are all in the process of learning to be more like Christ. Each Christian is at a different stage in that process.

And while some people falsely claim to be Christians, real Christians though not perfect should be in the process of becoming less sinful in their day-to-day lives.

Where are you in that process? How does the way you live testify about the truthfulness of the God you believe in?

Christian Life Hack #3: How to focus on God when things get CRAZY!!!

Do you ever lose your focus, get stressed, and forget to turn to God for help?

Do you ever get so overwhelmed that you feel like you just can’t do anything?

Christian Life Hack: Think of a quick one sentence prayer that you can say whenever things start to get out of control.

Such a prayer will help you re-focus on the the situation, it will help you remember to trust in God, and it will help you to listen for his voice in your heart as he leads you through the situation.

Here are some example prayers. We call these breathe prayers because you can say them very quickly.

“God I need your help.”

“God you are in control.”

God give me strength.”

Take a few moments, come up with a prayer and then practice saying it a few times. Then the next time you get stressed, say the prayer and see how the situation changes.