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Christian Life Hack #1: Song Lyrics

Your in the car listening to your favorite radio station and a song comes on that says something contrary to your beliefs as a Christian…what do you do?

You could change the station, turn off the radio, or keep listening. But what should you do? What if your favorite song is going to be played next?

If you believe the song will lead you into sin, then I suggest you change the station at least momentarily. But another option that I recommend is to listen to the words of the song, think about why the singer has that perspective, next think about why you disagree with whatever it is that the song is promoting, and finally think about what you believe about that topic.

By thinking about the lyrics, you will gain insight into the perspective of another person, you will be caused to think about why you hold your beliefs, and you might find a way to relate to someone you know who you have been trying to share Jesus with. Of course…doing this also requires you to use your mind as you listen.

What are your thoughts on this life hack? Can listening to something you disagree with draw you closer to God? Is it justification for sin? Is it being too much in the world? Is it a way of dialoging with those who have different perspectives on truth? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


“I Wanna Rock and Roll All Nite” and Read My Bible Everyday!!!!

I grew up loving rock music. It really spoke to me. But I also grew up in a Christian home. When I became a teenager I heard frequently at church that Christians should not listen to rock music. So what was I to do? I loved rock music, but I also loved the Lord.

Now you may say….”ah yes, but there is Christian Rock.” Which is true, but much of it was not very good when I was younger, there is more good Christian Rock now, though still not all that much. I certainly think there is a place for Christian Rock and I really like some of it. My favorite Christian Rock band is Petra. I also really like Guardian, Newsboys, Fireflight, and Needtobreathe.

Now being in my thirties, I can still say that I love rock-and-roll. And by that I mean all kinds of rock music, not just Christian rock. The thing is, I still love the Lord (probably more now than when I was a teenager) and I still read my Bible.

In fact, the most recent concert I have attended was Alice Cooper. So how is it that I can love rock and love the Lord at the same time?

It is actually quite simple. First, I believe that humans are created in the image of God. This means that we bear God’s image in every way that we are like God. God is creative (after all he created everything) so when we create art, we are being like God. We are bearing his image. Second, all truth belongs to God. This means that any statement that is true, is of the Lord. Third, God is interested in us and in every aspect of human existence. He is interested in every aspect of our lives. With that being said, truth about any subject brings glory to God.

So when I listen to rock music, I listen to see what the artist is claiming. What does he or she say about truth? About justice? About love? About war? About God? About evil? About suffering? About beauty?

When the lyrics line up with truth, I tend to enjoy the song as a good work of art. When the lyrics do not, I critique the song, I see where the person is coming from, I try to gain a glimpse into the artist’s perspective, and then I think about how to answer their claims with what I know lines up with Scripture.

By doing this, I sort of view songs as pieces of conversations about important topics. The Bible molds my worldview, and rock songs provide dialogue (even if only in my head) about how to engage the world from a biblical perspective.

Of course this means that I must listen to the lyrics…

But then even when we claim not to pay attention to the words…can’t we still sing along?

What are your thoughts on music and the Bible? What are your thoughts about how Christians should engage art?