Christian Life Hack #1: Song Lyrics

Your in the car listening to your favorite radio station and a song comes on that says something contrary to your beliefs as a Christian…what do you do?

You could change the station, turn off the radio, or keep listening. But what should you do? What if your favorite song is going to be played next?

If you believe the song will lead you into sin, then I suggest you change the station at least momentarily. But another option that I recommend is to listen to the words of the song, think about why the singer has that perspective, next think about why you disagree with whatever it is that the song is promoting, and finally think about what you believe about that topic.

By thinking about the lyrics, you will gain insight into the perspective of another person, you will be caused to think about why you hold your beliefs, and you might find a way to relate to someone you know who you have been trying to share Jesus with. Of course…doing this also requires you to use your mind as you listen.

What are your thoughts on this life hack? Can listening to something you disagree with draw you closer to God? Is it justification for sin? Is it being too much in the world? Is it a way of dialoging with those who have different perspectives on truth? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.